Business Communication & Soft Skills

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This book focus on business communication & soft skills required for BBA and MBA students under JNTUK regulations.
Which includes business telephone calls, email, letter writing, professional grooming and may more. Also focus on leadership, time management, team building etc.

Pawan Samireddy, Certified Executive Resume Master, Certified Master Resume Writer, and LinkedIn trainer. His signature presentations on How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile have been attended by thousands of job seekers and other professionals seeking to establish a professional image on LinkedIn. 

Over her 7 years as Senior Editor at The CRT Training Expert, Mr.Pawan has coached hundreds of professionals and companies to write resumes, essays and other materials that result in sought after job interviews, admission to top schools, and measurable business success. 

He has written three highly-acclaimed books: How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile (The Mind Of IN), Interview preparation guide (The BIG-Best Interview Guide), for MBA& BBA students (Business Communication and Soft skills) as per JNTUK regulations.
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